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Marriage Counseling Cedar Rapids

Are you in marital or relational distress and looking for somewhere to help enhance your relationship and personal life?

We would like to welcome you to Marriage counseling Cedar Rapids. We are just the company for what you are looking for in your life right now.

Marriage can be difficult especially if you do not have the tools you need to overcome challenges in a healthy manner.

We are the best at helping to teach you those tools even before you are married in pre marriage counseling and to teach you them and help you in applying them in couples therapy Cedar Rapids.

cedar rapids couples counseling

Couples Counseling

cedar rapids marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

cedar rapids premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling


Marriage Counseling Cedar Rapids

cedar rapids couples therapy

Our mission is to take couples that are struggling and feel like they are in a rut and help create healthy, happy and satisfied couples through couples therapy Cedar Rapids. We create a safe environment for our couples to be both personally accountable and accountable with each other.

We strive to work with all of our couples to create unified leadership within their relationship in order to create a better future for the families in our community at Cedar Rapids marriage counseling.

If you take a look at a school system that runs smoothly, or a church organization that runs smooth, it all begins with the organization and unity of the board or presidency of some sort. They work together and respect the opinion of each and their point of view. That is how families are, they will run smoothly if your marriage is running smooth.

Many feelings that we experience in a marriage, if we do not agree with are very uncomfortable to deal with and to handle. We do our best in helping you to process these uncomfortable situations and feelings that you have due to the circumstance you are in. We value peace and it is our goal to bring more peace into the lives of our clients of Cedar Rapids marriage counseling.

Why choose Marriage Counseling Cedar Rapids?

There are several qualities about our company that our clients that come to marriage counseling near me really love and believe are important, they are:

  • Couples therapy Cedar Rapids is a safe space for you to discuss issues with your spouse
  • You have a tangible way to track your success and progress in your marriage
  • You have a professional conflict mediator during each relationship therapy session
  • At each session of couples counseling near me you are given reliable and objective feedback
  • You learn to see your relationship in a positive light during marriage therapy Cedar Rapids

It has been year after year that we have seen a difference in the lives of the many couples that have been through our offices. Couples just like you search for couples therapy near me and never look back after their first session. They love the progress that they make over the time spent in counseling.

Are you ready to experience some of these awesome things in your marriage? If so then fill out this form to get started. You will be so happy at the success that you see and it will be greater than any other marital or premarital thing you have tried thus far.

If you are still wanting more info before you are ready to fill out the form then give us a call here at this number. We will be happy to go over any information and answer any questions you may have to help you feel ready and comfortable to begin relationship counseling.

What To Expect From Counseling?

When you begin counseling it will begin like you begin any relationship. You will get to know each other. You want to feel comfortable with your therapist for marriage therapy and they want to know you to know how to best help you and to know how you react and respond to certain situations.

If you do not trust your counselor then when you are discussing how to handle a situation you are having you will not buy into what it is that your spouse and the counselor are saying, therefore the chances are that you will follow through on the solution will be slim and cause more frustrations.

Our counselors for marriage counseling Cedar Rapids Iowa love to see how you and your spouse interact and respond to each other. It gives them so much insight into your relationship.

You will call us when you have decided that couples therapy is the best thing you could do for your relationship, or the only thing left to save it, and we will quickly set you up with an appointment. You will then choose a counselor for relationship counseling Cedar Rapids that you would like to go to for your couples counseling.

After attending couples counseling Cedar Rapids IA you will begin to see small changes and maybe even some drastic changes in your relationship. You will have more open communication and a better perspective on your relationship.

From there on out your marriage or relationship will only get better and better and we will rejoice with you on your new found love, the love of a joyful and fulfilling relationship!

cedar rapids family counseling


We offer to you both marriage counseling Cedar Rapids Iowa and premarital counseling here in our offices. Have you experienced infidelity in your marriage or maybe you just are having a hard time finding common interests with your spouse or loved one?

You will be very happy with counseling, no matter the struggle you are currently having in your relationship.

Pre marriage counseling Cedar Rapids IA

It is a wonderful idea to take some types of couples therapy before you are getting married. 50% of marriages end in divorce, which is a very large percentage when you go into a marriage thinking you are going to be together till death.

So why is it that so many marriages end in divorce? It can be hard to navigate problems on your own so to get the knowledge you need from counseling beforehand, you will have a better chance at success in your marriage.

Marriage Counseling

There are so many reasons why a couple could be looking for marriage counselling. There are a lot of life changes in marriages some of which include, friends changing, changes in family, moving, job and career changes, having a baby, and many more.

These different changes cause stress and can be difficult to work through. We have the most incredible counselors to help guide you in working through these marriage problems you are encountering

About Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids' population is near to 133,000. We have cold intense winters that come with lots of snow during those winter months and during the summers have very hot and humid weather where we get a lot of thunderstorms and are prone to flooding.

Cedar Rapids has acres and acres of owned property that is kept for beautiful green parks.

The primary religion here in Cedar Rapids is muslim as that has been a part of the community for many years. Its main economic source are the corn fields, they are very important to the economy of Cedar Rapids.

We have some close cities to us and some of these are:

  1. North Liberty, IA
  2. Hiawatha, IA
  3. Robins, IA
  4. Fairfax, IA
  5. Ely, IA
  6. Atkins, IA
  7. Walford, IA
  8. Swisher, IA
  9. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does couples counseling help?

Couples counseling does help. We have high success rates here due to our ability to listen to what the bigger problem in the relationship really is rather than just fixing the problem at hand. We dig down deep and to help our clients to see that and work through the bigger problems. We always do our best in leaving a couple feeling like they can look to their relational future with bright and hopeful eyes.

Will it be really expensive?

No. We try to make all counseling affordable so that everyone is able to come and get the help they need in their marriage. We are in partnership with insurance companies so that you can use that help as well. If you are nervous about the cost of relationship counselling and if it is keeping you from coming then definitely give us a call and we will talk you through all of our financing options and determine whether or not you have an insurance company that you can use with us.

Will the therapists know how to tell if there is a mental illness?

Yes. Our therapists are trained in this. As you talk to them and they further understand your situation and as they get to know both you and your spouse they will know if it is a marital problem that is needing solved or if a mental illness is affecting your relationship. If either you or your spouse is experiencing a mental illness then that can really drive a wedge between your relationship if it goes unnoticed and untreated.

What if my spouse does not want to come?

Do not worry. It is okay if your spouse does not want to join you. It will be most successful if both you and your spouse are present and participating but you will still see success in your marriage if it is just you going to counseling. You will learn things that will help you grow personally as an individual and that will create a much better marriage naturally.

Client Testimonials

I have been jumping for joy as I have seen our marriage transform through counseling. We have had some of the deepest and greatest talks ever since starting. Yay we are so glad we have done counseling!

Jessie Bell

Our counselor was so authentic and made us feel like we weren’t crazy for our issues we were having. It was very refreshing and has helped grow our marriage a ton.

Morgan Lemlee

I have learned how to apologize to my wife for things that I did that hurt her and did not realize how bad it really hurt her. We have become so much closer as we have apologized and forgave.

Jordan Byers

Contact Us Today!

Have you realized that one or more parts of your marriage or relationship have been struggling?

It may be the fact that you do not enjoy the same hobbies together like you used to, maybe your intimacy in marriage has not been the same, or maybe other things have taken priority over your marriage.

Marriage counseling Cedar Rapids has the best counselors and therapists that offer some of the best listening ears and marriage advice around. Come and receive some pre marriage couples counselling or couples counseling Cedar Rapids IA to get your relationship back on track.

Call us today or fill out this form to get started! You will begin the journey to a happier healthier life.


Marriage Counseling Cedar Rapids

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